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Paul S. Soulé Enterprises, Inc.

Paul S Soulé Enterprises was incorporated in the state of Florida in 1983, and has been providing individualized service to it’s clients since that formation.  Soulé Enterprises provides personalized, individually designed solutions to Estate Planning, charitable giving, wealth management and insurance challenges of it clients, through consultation and the provision of product, both insurance and investment.  The process is always personal, always on a one on one basis, applying the resources available and the benefit of over 40 years experience in the financial services industry.  There is no one product or one answer, and each client is treated as an individual, always recognizing that no two clients will have identical problems, needs or solutions.  We listen – We care.

The aviation division has a history going back to the incorporation.  Again, personalized approaches to the needs of the client are foremost, and the attempt to match ‘man and machine’ is paramount.  Soulé Enterprises has provided specialized training to many of its clients, and provides ongoing training and recurrency training in addition to services as buyer representative.